Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why should I hire a lawyer?

Although you have the option of representing yourself, sometimes you get what you pay for. The law is complicated and court rules and procedures can be be confusing. Lawyers have spent years studying the law and learning how the local court system works. If you have a lot to lose, hiring a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer is a good investment in your future.

Q: How much will it cost?

It depends on what you are charged with.

For example, the usual fee for a simple speeding cases is $200. This amount does not include any fines or costs imposed by the court.

Call for specific information about our fee and payment options for your case.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. Times are tough. We will work with you to set up a payment plan you can handle. Call for more information.
Q: Can somebody else pay my bill?
It's not unusual for a parent, employer, friend, or family member to want to help when someone they care about is in trouble. But you--and only you--are the client. No matter who pays, David R. Hamm will represent your interests.