Accused of a Probation Violation?

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Because of the strict conditions of probation, many people violate and find themselves facing revocation. Whether you simply forgot to check in with your probation officer, didn’t complete the required community service, or couldn’t come up with enough money to pay restitution and fines, you need a knowedgeable, expereinced lawyer to advocate on your behalf.

Criminal defense lawyer David R. Hamm served as an NC Adult Probation/Parole Officer in Dare County for five years before attending law school. He then spent five years prosecuting probation violations and other offenses on the Outer Banks and across Northeastern North Carolina as an Assistant District Attorney.

Drawing on that unique experience, he will consider factors such as your criminal history, any new criminal activity surrounding the probation violation, your probation officer’s point of view, and the timing of the violation in relation to probation sentencing in developing a defense stratgey. Essentially, if you have violated, the court may:

Terminate probation:

If probation is terminated unsuccessfully, you may not be considered to be a candidate for probation in the future.

Continue probation:

The judge may modify the terms of your probation by imposing additional community service, extending your time on probation or requiring some active jail time.

Revoke probation:

If the court finds that your violation was willful, your probation will likely be revoked and your suspended sentence activated.

David R. Hamm will work with your probation officer, the prosecutor, and the court on your behalf to avoid revocation or to have the suspended sentence modifed.

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